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Morph-A-Size Program
This New and Exciting Cellulite Reduction Program is one of a kind and exclusively developed by our staff.
Morph-A-Size Program - This New and Exciting Cellulite Reduction Program is one of a kind, and exclusively developed by our staff. This full body treatment completely changes the texture, tone and touch of the skin through our unique skin manipulation and detoxifying procedure. You will learn the proper way to maintain your skin in just one session, and we include everything you need to continue the process in the comfort of your home. It's that simple.
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Body Waxing  $22.50  

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Send someone a special spa gift basket. Pre packaged gift baskets are available with a Gift Certificate included or send a spa basket of your choice.

Regarding Services! Spa Baskets Available!
Patrons are requested to advise our staff regarding any health, medical, or skin conditions before treatments. This will allow for proper service. Some conditions may prevent services being rendered at which time rescheduling may be necessary or a doctor's note required.

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