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Morph-A-Size Program
This New and Exciting Cellulite Reduction Program is one of a kind and exclusively developed by our staff.
Morph-A-Size Program - This New and Exciting Cellulite Reduction Program is one of a kind, and exclusively developed by our staff. This full body treatment completely changes the texture, tone and touch of the skin through our unique skin manipulation and detoxifying procedure. You will learn the proper way to maintain your skin in just one session, and we include everything you need to continue the process in the comfort of your home. It's that simple.
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GlyMed Plus

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faceted science skin care system is the creation of Master Medical Esthetician Christine Heathman, CME, LMT and CEO, who has professionally treated skin with unparalleled results for over 25 years and understands the importance of the relationship between skin and safe ingredients that really work!

GlyMed Plus is an exclusive product and information resource for estheticians, physicians and spa professionals seeking a smart, scientific approach to regenerating the skin of their patients and clients. In an industry filled with shallow marketing claims and products whose packaging is more advanced than its contents, GlyMed's approach is refreshing: pure science, real information, and no overblown promises

Cell Science® is balanced skin care: a harmonic blend of the nurturing and protecting elements of Nature with the wisdom and technology of Science – both ancient and modern. Use it every day for truly healthy, younger and more resilient skin... for life.

The Age Management Skin Care System® addresses the individual challenges of chronologically injured, photo-aged and environmentally damaged skin. This System is a complete line of products that gently cleanse, actively treat, restore balance, and protect even the most sensitive skin for all skin types and all skin colors for cellular rehabilitation.